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PostSubject: 4x4 EXPANDING!!   Thu Apr 10, 2008 3:10 pm

Dear users me and the truth have both agreed that we should expand team 4x4, i am meaning by expanding the games our clan is on! and for this i was thinking of a new fourm for this becuse it would get to confuseing here the link well be at the bottom of this. Since ill be running the new fourm for all other games if u wish to add a new clan or guld to the list thats not named 4x4 DONT WORRY it dosent have to be named 4x4 Smile and if ur the leader of it i well gladly make u the head mod/admin of that clan's part. also becomeing a golbol mod/admin well need app but am kind so u might be one ez lol anyway heres the link
its still being made so soon as its fully runing i well be adding fourms within the fourm so if u wanrt to add a spot to it at this time replay here

co owner/founder Samia

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