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 Admin Reguest

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PostSubject: Admin Reguest   Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:31 pm

I'm already admin @ 4x4 but only lvl1 or 2..

My question go's about another level.. That I also can kick/ban.. Its not meant to kick/ban u guys from ur own server.. if u think that shit.. i dont do things like that.

like the rest i add this to:

In game name:[4x4]Skeiln.
How long have you been in 4x4: 3 weeks/1 month?
Have you been a admin before?: I am now but only 2 levels..
Real name: Chris
Age: 20
Year of birth: 27/01/1988

Thx anyway, Skeiln.
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Admin Reguest
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